Hand harvested on the North Fork of Long Island

About Us

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Our Process

North Fork Sea Salt is a small batch artisan business. We harvest each batch of sea water by hand in beautiful Orient on Long Island, New York. We pride ourselves in quality and never bottle or harvest when conditions aren't just right, like after a hard rain or heavy wind.

The most exciting part of the process for us is watching our hard work come to fruition. The ancient method of “fleur de sel” is what catches our eyes, the first flakes, gathering together on the surface of the water, then gently falling to the bottom of the pan to be collected and bottled for the perfect finishing salt.

"...the finished product is the flavor of the North Fork."

- The Northforker

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Our Story

North Fork Sea Salt was founded in 2013 when Greenport Chef Scott Bollman was in search of hyper local products to include in his dishes and realized that he could not purvey the fundamental foundation to any dish; Salt. Bollman started collecting buckets of sea water and experimenting at home to create a sea salt that was local, flakey, and crystallized with a perfect briney taste.

On a chance encounter late one night, Scott met Dennis Borowsky while surfcasting in a locals-only fishing spot. Chatting afterwards at a bar a connection was made. After taking over his Father's restaurant, Scott struggled to keep up with the demand of his ever growing salt business. Enter current owner-operator Dennis Borowsky. Dennis’s love for nature, fishing and surfing drew him to the North Fork of Long Island from Queens, New York to feel more centered and pursue his passions.

Today North Fork Sea Salt is an ever expanding project with a focus on hyper-local tastes with a very salty vibe.

Founder imageFounder image

“We are a Salty Crew, surfcasting late night tides, diving for scallops, respecting our seas and enjoying nature.”

The One That Started It All...
North Flake

Medium Flake

Unlike normal fine table salts, or kosher salts, our flake salts are crunchy, briney, and ideal for that final sprinkle over your perfect dish.

No Additives

Saltwater is collected from the shores of Orient, NY, then heated and evaporated, until only beautiful iodide free sea salt is left.


We respect our local waters and leave no trace on our beaches where we harvest and do everything we can to limit our environmental impact.

North flake Sea salt